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Rushan Jia Li clothing company to teach you --- sweater washing and maintenance

Date:2016-9-22 08:53

To solve customer problems, customer service for the purpose of Rushan Jia Li Garment Co., Ltd. related technical staff for you to organize sweater washing and maintenance knowledge, please patronize!

First, the synthetic fiber sweater washing

For synthetic fibers such as acrylic wool knitted sweater, washing should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, wash the sweater overturned (inside turned to the outside);

2, immersed in neutral detergent dissolved in warm water (about 40 ℃), soak 10-20 minutes;

3, take out the flat on the platform by hand pressure or gently tapping (should not use a brush to wash);

4, after washing with warm water rinse (add appropriate amount of clothing softener);

5, washed, just hand gently press, will remove most of the water;

6, square on the plate placed in a ventilated place to dry, pay attention to the sun can not be directly dried to avoid fading or elasticity to reduce. When you want to put the sweater flat. (With buttons of clothing, need to buckle the button) synthetic fiber sweater cleaning do not need to clean after drying.

Second, wool and other wool and blended sweater washing

For wool wool wool or blended wool knitted sweaters, washing should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, wash the sweater overturned (inside turned to the outside);

2, immersed in dissolved with no brightener or bleach neutral detergent warm water (about 30 ℃), and gently squeeze the sweater several times by hand. Soaking time is shorter than the synthetic fiber sweater, the whole hair is generally 2 minutes, blended for 5 minutes.

3, take out the flat on the platform by hand pressure or gently tapping (should not use the brush to wash, because the wool fiber surface is a single direction of the scaly layer structure, careful not to hand scrub);

4, after washing, first with warm water or cold water (can be added appropriate clothing softener);

5, after cleaning, the sweater can be placed on the net pocket (laundry bag can also), and hanging in the ventilation at the water drip;

6, the sweater from the net pocket out of flat on the flat placed in a ventilated place to dry.

Wool sweater can also be placed in a laundry bag and placed in a drum-type washing machine for wool fabric washing for washing, washing and drying, and then flattened in a ventilated place. Usually, wool fabric after washing need to be ironing to ensure that it has a smooth and good shape.

Sweater ironing

For washed whole wool or blended wool knitted clothing, need to be ironing to get the perfect shape and appearance. Ironing, should pay attention to the following aspects:

1, the use of steam iron, if conditions permit, should have a ironing table, hot sleeves Taiwan;

2, the sweater upside down, (can be fixed with the pin to the clothes, but the cuffs, hem at the elastic ribs do not fixed);

3, will be sprayed with enough steam volume of the iron placed in the top 2-3 cm of clothing at the ironing (should not be directly pressed on the clothing in the iron, otherwise it will damage the fiber structure, the clothing loss of flexibility);

4, for the need to flatten the cuffs and hem, just natural flat, with a towel pad in the top, gently pressing hot.

Sweater maintenance

Synthetic fiber sweater maintenance:

1, synthetic fiber wool woven clothing in the first place should be kept clean and dry, usually stored before the wash should be clean and placed in a ventilated place to dry;

2, the form of storage can be used to hang hanger in the closet, but also neatly folded in the box;

3, synthetic fiber woven clothing is not afraid of insects, storage does not need to put mothballs.

The maintenance of pure wool knit sweater

1, pure wool woven clothing should be in the sun before drying 2-3 hours, shoot to dust, until the heat cleared, can be placed in the box or wardrobe;

2, for dirty stains of pure sweater, should be decontaminated after washing, first in the ventilation to dry, and then the sun under the sun to the right time to collect;

3, in order to ensure that the sweater after wearing a beautiful appearance, the ideal way to hide when hanging with a hanger and then dry wardrobe;

4, because the wool for the animal protein fiber, easy for the xxx boring, the collection should be placed in the cabinet enough bruises and other insect repellent. Mothballs should be placed in a specially sewn gauze pocket placed in the four corners of the wardrobe, can also be installed in a special plastic camphor pill box hanging in the hang clothes hanging clothes, for a pocket of wool clothes, should also be placed in the pocket We add white camouflage pill with white tissue paper.

5, due to synthetic fiber woven clothing and other clothing should not be in contact with the camphor pills, therefore, pure wool woven clothing should be together with other wool clothing collection, rather than mixed with synthetic fiber clothing collection.

Decontamination method of wool fiber sweater

Coffee and red tea stains: towel can be used to dry the towel after washing, such as containing cream or milk, with a small amount of detergent to wipe. If you stay for a long time, then wipe with vinegar.

Ice cream: a small brush can be used to brush the dry part, and then brush with a brush brush, pay attention not to brush hair from the ball, and finally dry with a towel and then gently wipe can be.

Milk and dairy products: first with a hot towel towel gently wipe, and then the residual oil with detergent wipe, if you can not rub off the use of alcohol scrub.

Ink stains: wipe with a thin paper, the paper dip vinegar and then repeatedly wipe, if not rub, you can use alcohol to wipe. When the stains are cleaned, it is best to wash the whole sweater further.

Lipstick / foundation: first wipe with a paper towel, and then wipe with detergent. Wipe the need to pay attention to the stains at the outside of the soft rub, in order to avoid the more stains rub the greater.

Juice: There are two ways to apply. 1, just stained, you can use wet towels or wet wipes to wipe, but also sprinkle a small amount of salt in the stains, and wipe with water after the gentle wipe, and then washed in neutral soap. 2, a few drops of vinegar drops on the spot, rubbed with water after washing.

Wine, perfume: In order to prevent the spread, the first sprinkle some salt on the spot, with a soft brush gently scrub, and finally with a towel water or detergent or alcohol wipe.

Blood stains: wipe with paper and then wipe with hydrogen peroxide.

Rust: There are two methods available. 1, to the water stained with rust, and then drop a drop of oxalic acid water gently rub. Wipe with oxalic acid must be washed with water to avoid oxalic acid corrosion sweater. 2, to the water stains rust stains, and then towel with vinegar to scrub, remove the iron stains and then rinse with water.

Dyeing agent stains: the weak base can be used to remove the song, stains removed, wipe with a towel and soap and soap, and then clean the water. Note that you can not use hydrogen peroxide to wipe, or stains more difficult to remove.

Mud and mildew: to be stained at the dry place, with a brush to brush, and then take the tip of the vacuum suction suction, and finally use detergent or alcohol to wipe.

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