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Spinning process to reduce yarn hairiness new ideas

Date:2017-5-16 08:24

Yarn hairiness is the main drawback of ring spinning, yarn hairiness not only affect the appearance of ring yarn quality, but also affect the appearance of the fabric, feel and loom efficiency of the main factors, is the impact of air-jet looms spray blocked head The main reason to control and reduce the ring spinning yarn hairiness has become one of the urgent problems to be solved in the production of ring spinning. Therefore, in the spinning process to reduce the yarn hairiness is particularly important, a variety of new equipment selection worthy of attention.

New steel collar, the choice of wire ring

Steel ring, bead ring is the ring spinning machine spinning process of twisting and winding important parts, the coordination of good or bad will directly affect the spinning tension and the ring of the friction on the spun yarn. A replacement period for a steel collar, including a ridge, a stabilizing period, and a recession period. During the stabilization period, the steel collar and the bead ring are in good condition, the bead ring movement is stable, the spinning tension fluctuates little, the friction is small, the fine yarniness is less; in the mature period and the recession period, the steel collar, Poor conditions, large fluctuations in spinning tension, increased friction, fine yarn hairiness to increase more.

The size of the wire ring, a direct impact on the yarn channel space position, large circle, large space, wide yarn channel, the yarn is not easy to roll yarn and scraping yarn. Using GS-type wire ring spinning, the smallest number of hairiness, breakage rate is small. Because the GS-type bead ring center of gravity is low, the track is smooth, smooth operation, hairiness reduced; and G-shaped bead ring ring, the yarn channel is wide, but the center of gravity is high, the operation is unstable, hairiness has increased; The center of the center is low, but the channel is small, easy to wedge the yarn caused by the increase in hairiness, breakage rate; XGS-shaped steel ring cross-section corrugated, the edge of the wire ring and yarn smooth contact, easy to heat, Smooth, not easy to produce static electricity, the smallest number of hairiness.

The friction coefficient of the circular cross section is small, but its heat dissipation and running stability are poor, which is not conducive to reducing the hairiness. The cross section of the rectangular cross section is large and easy to dissipate, and the motion is smooth and the hairiness is reduced. The odds.

Flat steel collar and taper steel collar compared to the cone steel collar spinning yarn less hairiness, because the cone radius of the radius of the steel than the flat steel collar, the corresponding contact area corresponding to large, good stability, easy to heat And wear-resistant, hairiness less; rotating steel collar and fixed steel compared to the rotation of the yarn by the yarn less hair, because the rotation of the rotation of the collar, reducing the friction coefficient of steel ring and steel, The relative speed of the collar is reduced, which facilitates the smooth running of the bead ring and reduces the friction and heat generation. The linen collar and the polished steel collar are less hairy, because when the wire ring is on the steel Operation, the friction is stable, the degree of friction change is small, the spinning yarn hairiness is obviously reduced.

Germany Tec company developed ceramic steel collar and bead ring, the spindle speed of 17500r / min, the ceramic bead can be used for up to 105 days without damage. In the steel ring, the use of a circle in the exchange cycle, the spinning tension fluctuation is small, the tension is very stable, the friction is small, the fine yarn feathers increase less. Porcelain plated steel wire heat dissipation is good, not easy to wear, good stability, friction is small, not easy to scratch the yarn.

Swiss Rieter company developed Orbit steel collar, bead ring, is the use of special wear-resistant materials from the design of steel collar, the ring contact area increased by 4 to 5 times, with long life, wear resistance, stress Small, good heat dissipation, etc., in the spindle speed 25000r / min of the use of conditions, fine yarn hairiness increased less.

The service life of the tinned bead is long, and the heat wear is small and the operation is smooth. The gas ring is easy to control, and the maturity and decay period are shortened and the stability period is prolonged. It can reduce the yarn breaking and reduce the number of fine yarns. The surface hardness of the wire ring increases, the wear resistance is high, the mature stage and the recession period are short, the stability period is long and the long life cycle can reduce the fine yarn hairiness.

The new matte steel has high finish, good abrasion resistance, small friction coefficient, long service life, high anti-fatigue strength, good heat dissipation ability and good spinnability, which can make the wire ring run stable, beating and vibrating frequency and amplitude Small, spacious channel, good stability, spinning tension fluctuations, can significantly reduce the fine yarn hairiness.

The new alloy steel collar face is smooth and smooth, the surface roughness is consistent, the friction coefficient is stable, the operation is smooth, the surface hardness is big, the heat resistance is good, the wear resistance, the surface has a very thin self-lubricating layer, Conditions of operation, the new steel collar after the car does not need to go mature, can reduce the fine yarn hairiness. In addition, the market of electroplated steel, sulfur steel collar, FRP steel collar, Swiss-made Brack steel collar, the US ceramic steel collar, etc., they are in the reduction of fine yarn feathers are very effective.

BC steel collar, bead ring under the support of multi-contact, the contact area is large, good heat dissipation, pressure is small, wear is small, not easy to burn the bead ring, the stress is small, is conducive to stabilize the spinning tension, Stable operation, can reduce the fine yarn hairiness.

BC6 steel collar, steel ring long cycle, less broken head. Due to the friction of the steel collar and the bead ring, the yarn hairiness is produced and increased significantly. The SUPER rolling bead technology developed for this situation replaces the traditional bead ring, so that the sliding friction between the steel collar and the bead ring becomes rolling friction , Resulting in a significant reduction in fine yarn hairiness.

Switzerland's Hi-per-spin ring spinning machine uses electronic computer simulation to control the spinning speed of large, medium and small yarns in the whole spinning process. The use of stepless speed change can effectively control the spinning tension, Long service life, is conducive to stabilize the spinning tension, so that the operation of the wire ring is stable, can reduce the fine yarn hairiness.

New type of roller, yarn guide hook and other equipment selection

In the process of spinning, the gas ring and the septum plate collide and rub, and it is easy to produce a lot of static electricity, which leads to the increase of the fine hairiness, the different material performance, the degree of wear and the degree of static electricity. The use of anti-static yarn plate and thin aluminum plate can reduce the fine yarn hairiness.

Low hardness rubber outside the soft and hard, good elasticity, can increase the grip of the front jaws, increase the contact area with the article, can shorten the floating area and twist triangle, enhance the edge of the fiber constraints. The inner pattern of aprons or inside and outside the pattern of aprons can increase the friction between the roller and the apron, reduce the chances of occurrence of undesirable phenomena such as slippery, effectively control the movement of the fibers during the drafting process, and strengthen the restraint and control of the edge fibers. The use of low hardness roller and inner pattern of rubber ring, can reduce the fine yarn hairiness.

DSB-50-type small-diameter guide yarn hook with chrome-plated, high wear resistance, friction and heat reduction, can reduce the yarn tension of the yarn, yarn and yarn guide hook contact area is reduced, is conducive to yarn twist Of the transmission, can reduce the fine yarn hairiness. In addition, the use of ceramic, galvanized, manganese steel, aluminum and other small aperture guide hook, to reduce the fine yarn feathers have a certain effect. Different materials guide yarn hook friction coefficient is different, its heat dissipation and wear degree are also different. Guide yarn hook after a period of time, the surface wear easy to groove, finish down, so that the yarn shaving, hairiness increased. Therefore, in the production to select the appropriate yarn guide material to reduce the risk of hairiness.

The appropriate assembler is used to control the fibers on both sides of the strip and the fibers on the surface of the strip to be separated from the strip, to agglomerate the fibers, to increase the tightness of the strip, to strengthen the control of the flotation fiber , To prevent the spread of fiber, so that the yarn in a more tight state twist, spun yarn less hair less. The use of helical ring ring, can change the shape of the balloon, so that the spiral produced by the clockwise rise, reducing the balloon pitch, thereby reducing the spinning tension, significantly reduce the number of fine yarn hairiness. The new ribbed assembly adds two ribs to reduce the contact area with the front roller, easy to heat, can reduce the adverse effects of static electricity, can reduce the adsorption with the former roller, is conducive to the exclusion of short fibers, can improve Dry level, reduce the fine yarn hairiness. - Zhao Bo

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