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Yan Man in the clothes implanted in the chip customers can take the number of clothes can be tracked

Date:2017-5-16 08:26

Recently, the Internet fashion brand Huimei Group formally RFID (radio frequency identification) technology applied to its main brand of "Yin Man" products.

It is reported that Yin Man will be in each new product, implanted than a smaller than the rice is also small, the naked eye is not easy to detect the RFID chip, each piece of clothing corresponds to the only standard code. The future, the user in the Yan Man + line experience shop to pick up a number of clothes, access to the number of dressing room, can be tracked.

Specifically, the user picks up clothes into the dressing area, the RFID device to read the clothes on the chip information, in the display screen, you can display clothes related pictures, online baby description, buyer reviews and other details, In addition, self-service can be achieved.

Warehouse management, RFID system can quickly identify whether the correct packing, the future is expected to achieve the whole channel, the national store dynamic inventory sharing, as well as security, anti-Chuanhuo, give priority to hot goods off and other functions.

Huijie Group Chairman and CEO Fang Jianhua said, RFID system will gradually improve the phased, in addition to the terminal store to provide customers with a better experience, RFID technology can effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse management.

Huimei Group RFID system cooperation research and development side of Xiamen Xinda said, and Yin Man together to promote RFID technology research and development, will create a "Internet of Things" new benchmark case.

Earlier, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported that Apple received a new patent, the user can use the iPhone or Apple Watch RFID tags to read food nutrition information, and even received on how to match the food more healthy tips.

At present, Hailan House, Decathlon, La Chapel, international brand H & M, luxury brand Prada and so have used RFID technology, but still in the exploration.

According to the United States said, compared to before, RFID technology applications make the supply chain storage review of human costs fell by 73%, efficiency increased to 250%. Warehouse out of the library review link, labor costs fell 82%, efficiency increased to 175%. RFID technology applications, the production of goods, circulation and sales process to upgrade, which is Yan Man brand online, line under the whole channel of the key step.

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